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3 Simple Step to How to Dominate Pinterest


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In 2010 an image sharing site was launched, that site was call Pinterest, since then this social website has over 70 million user.
Just for that fact of over 70 million user,mean you must be using  this site  as part of your marketing strategy
Pinterest Marketing
This video will show you solid marketing strategy you can use with Pinterest:

1) How to get targeted traffic from pinterest

2) Use Pinterest to get good quality backlinks , help with off page SEO

3) More Followers
4) Use this social networking site to drive pinterest users to your youtube videos and get more subscribers and backlink
5) Yes, how to make money

So Who Uses Pinterest?

Some quick stats about exactly who uses this type of image sharing site , so that you can get an idea of what type of sites will work the best:

  •  The users of  image sharing site are mostly women. Around 68.2% of all users are female.
  • The average household income of a  user of this image sharing site  is over $100k.
  • 27.4% of Pinterest users are aged between 25-34 years old, 22.1% of users are between 35-44, 17.9% are between 45-54, 17.3% are between 18-24 and 4.1% are between 12-17.
  • Examples of niches that perform well on Pinterest are cooking, fashion, health and weight loss, kids and baby items and home and gardening stuff.





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